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In 2020, our family company was named a Great Place to Work (GPTW). Great Place to Work the Netherlands granted the certificate after an extensive employee survey and a detailed Culture Audit. We are proud of the certification, which among other things helps us to attract new talent. It also helps us as an employer to become the best company for the world. In 2023 we can again call ourselves a great place to work.

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Being a good employer

The latest survey of the extent of trust, pride and camaraderie in our company was carried out in the fall of 2022. The GPTW questionnaire is presented to all employees. The results of this employee survey and the analysis of our organizational culture (Culture Audit) were used to determine whether we at Winclove Probiotics meet the criteria for being a good employer. With flying colours we passed the test, which did also give us insight on points that we as an employer can still improve.

A certificate to be proud of

The GPTW survey focuses primarily on the perception of employees inside an organization. Only the people at Winclove Probiotics can determine to what extent they trust our management, can indicate whether they feel pride and can determine how much pleasure they experience. We are extremely happy with the positive experience of the entire team, because only with healthy and happy colleagues can we become the best company for the world.

What we are mainly proud of in our organization is the presence of strong collegiality and solidarity:

  • ‘Winclove Probiotics is overall a Great Place to Work’ (88.6%)
  • ‘People care about each other here’ (92%)
  • ‘This is a nice place to work’ (97.7%)

About Great Place to Work

For 35 years now, and in 60 countries, GPTW has researched the trust, pride and pleasure of employees of large and small organizations. The organizational culture of a Great Place to Work is marked by the prevailing energy and atmosphere and by an open, friendly way in which co-workers at all levels interact with each other.

“What’s remarkable about Winclove Probiotics is their contribution to society. This is clear not only in their policies, but also in the appreciation of this theme among the employees. 89% of the employees are proud of the contribution that the organization makes to society. On top of that, the organization also pays a lot of attention to work-life balance.”

René Brouwers - Great Place to Work
René Brouwers - Great Place to Work

René Brouwers, DirecteurGreat Place to Work Nederland