Probiotics for specific indications

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when administrated in adequate amounts, have a beneficial effect on health.

Why indication-specific

Winclove Probiotics develops indication-specific, multispecies probiotic formulations, because we believe that a correct combination of various bacteria is the most effective.

3 reasons for you to
choose our probiotics

Aimed at different
target groups

Winclove’s probiotics meet the highest quality and safety standards. From babies and the elderly to people with certain health indications: a broad variety of target groups benefit from Winclove’s indication-specific probiotic formulations.

Effective for specific indications

Users experience proven health effects from the multispecies probiotics that we develop specifically for various indication areas. We constantly search for ways to improve the quality of life with probiotics.

Premium products and premium service

You are assured of premium products, because quality is central to all that we do: from Winclove’s raw materials and packaging to the support you can expect from us once we join hands in partnership.


Our product portfolio of premium, indication-specific formulations reflects our vision of probiotics.

Questions about our products?

Gut health

Brain health


Metabolic health


Working together for the same goal: helping people through effective probiotics. This is the basis of the sustainable relationships we have with our business partners.

35 years of experience

from pioneer to trusted probiotic expert

Scientific knowledge

of areas such as strain characteristics and development

Research & product development

of premium probiotics to improve quality of life

Scientific & clinical validation

extensive scientific dossiers and clinical studies

Tailored support

to successfully commercialize the products in your market

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