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Quality of life

We believe everyone in the world should be able to have a good quality of life, and we embrace our part in this. We do so through the power of diversity: by developing indication-specific probiotic formulations that are effective for a broad target group.

Indication-specific probiotics

Probiotics applied to specific indications

Naturally healthy

Strengthening our health naturally

Power of diversity

The essence of our formulations

From pioneer to probiotics partner

Since 1987, together with international and local business partners, our family company Winclove Probiotics has been researching, developing, and producing probiotic formulations. Our mission is to help people and help improve the quality of life.

Our people

How can you recognize someone from Winclove Probiotics? Consistent with our company’s core values, our people are engaged, driven, and optimistic. Together, we form an enthusiastic, close-knit group of doers and thinkers who develop and produce effective probiotic solutions.

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Our partners

Going for the same goal together: helping people through effective probiotics. That’s the basis of the long-term, sustainable strategic relationships we have with our business partners.

Transferring knowledge

As a developer and producer of probiotics, we find it important that knowledge of areas such as the gut-brain axis, the microbiota, and bacteria’s role in health be shared. Therefore we initiate projects and events related to these subjects and participate in initiatives whereby we can transfer our knowledge.

Working for a better world

For us, business means more than making a profit and being a good employer. We believe not so much in result-orientated work as in people-oriented collaboration. And beyond this, we consider ‘the world’ to be one of our stakeholders, one that we take into account in everything we do. We want to have a healthy impact on our planet and to add value. Continuously, we search for the greater balance between profit and purpose.

Do you want to join our efforts to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible through the power of diversity?

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