Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

It’s in our DNA to help people and be good for the people and world around us. And for us that starts close to home, in our roots, in ‘our’ North Amsterdam. We support, initiate and participate in various projects in our district. We do this for example with the local government, entrepreneurs and primary schools. Our goal is to help people who need it (financially), to give (young) people equal opportunities in the labour market and to create jobs.

“If you give something back and you try to help each other a bit, and you all try in your own way to make this a more beautiful world – then I think we’re not doing too badly.”

Ans Kristians, SLOWinclove Probiotics

Teaching at primary schools

At many schools in North Amsterdam, Quality of life and health are subjects that are handled a few times a year for a month. Subjects that are extremely important to us too, and about which we want to share our knowledge with the children of our district. We willingly take on the role of educator concerning good nutrition, exercise, gut health and the role of probiotics. Additionally, all the children are invited to visit us so they can see how things go in a company: they get a tour of our lab, the production area and the office, plus they can “speed date” with a number of our staff.

Association of Companies in North Amsterdam (VEBAN)

The VEBAN is the entrepreneurs association of North Amsterdam and the meeting place for companies from our district. The association organizes monthly networking meetings and also contributes to a good enterprise climate in North. Winclove Probiotics has an active role in the VEBAN, and together we aim to enthuse other companies in North Amsterdam to actively contribute to social initiatives. We do this by for example co-organizing an Open Company Day.

Helping Doras / Social Partnership

The Doras Foundation was founded in 2000 as the institute for social services in North Amsterdam. District residents can go there for advice and assistance in the areas of welfare work, social work and debt relief.

Winclove Probiotics helps Doras in the following ways:

  • The Winclove Fund: an emergency fund to assist in hardship cases;
  • Language Mates: various walks in North Amsterdam with neighbours who speak other languages so that they can practice the Dutch language and become acquainted with Dutch culture;
  • Stroll and See the Neighbourhood: newcomers to North Amsterdam receive a warm welcome with a walk through the district;
  • Doras and Crisis Shelter Christmas Packages: Winclove sends promotional gifts and other donations here.

The most socially engaged enterprise in North Amsterdam

For our active contribution to and participation in these various social initiatives, MKB-Nederland has awarded us the title ‘Most Socially Engaged Enterprise in North Amsterdam’. Our contribution to society was also a major factor in acquiring our B Corp certification.