As expert in the field of probiotics, we believe it is important that knowledge of topics such as the gut-brain axis, the microbiota, and bacteria’s effect on health are shared. Therefore Winclove initiates events related to these topics and participates actively in other initiatives in which knowledge is shared.

Event Organization

We (co-)organize major, international events that highlight how the microbiota affect specific diseases. Our record includes key roles in the ‘Women and their microbes’ and ‘My little microbes’ congresses. Another successful congress that we still organize is ‘Mind, Mood & Microbes’, the world’s first congress to place the microbiota-gut-brain-axis front and centre.

Mind, Mood & Microbes

Every two years, the International Conference on Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis, Mind, Mood & Microbes takes place. As a founding partner, we are proud to facilitate a platform where Gut-Brain science meets clinical practice. This congress is not only a podium to present the latest research, but also a means of putting researchers and health care professionals in touch with each other; establishing connections and getting to know each other’s perspectives advance the crucial conversion of research results into clinical practice. The congress contributes to the increased interest worldwide in probiotics as effective solutions to a variety of mental diseases.

Science Weekend

The Science Weekend is the largest technology and science event in the Netherlands. Since 2012, companies, institutes, universities, and museums have been opening their doors in the first weekend of October to help people experience living science and technology. For years now Winclove Probiotics has been an enthusiastic participant in the Science Weekend. Children from 6-14 years of age and their (grand-)parents come to know all about bacteria. They get to look through a microscope in the lab, play a bacteria game and taste probiotic yogurt.


“Since 2017, we have been participating in the Weekend of Science. This is a wonderful initiative and we are happy to contribute to enthusing young people about science. We do this by taking the children into the world of bacteria, we show them how cool and important bacteria are.”

Gizem Yikilmaz, Education Officer