Collaborating with Justdiggit: compensating for CO2 emission and contributing to climate recovery

Obviously, as an international organization we have to deal with CO2 emission. We do all we can to minimize our ecological footprint, such as flying less, adjusting our production processes, and switching to a more sustainable energy supply. Yet CO2 is still being emitted, and to compensate for this we, together with Justdiggit, have been regreening countryside in Tanzania; we’ve been doing this for years now and will continue to do so!

“Winclove Probiotics, just like Justdiggit, uses the power of nature to make such a positive impact. Also in terms of mindset, we have much in common: positive and can-do! We feel a huge connection with the organization and are tremendously pleased with their support.”

Marjolein Albers - Justdiggit
Marjolein Albers - Justdiggit

Marjolein Albers, Managing DirectorJustdiggit

Investing in ‘Re-grow trees’

In recent years we’ve invested in the ‘Re-grow trees’ regreening project in the Dodoma region of Tanzania. Ninety percent of the regional population depends on the land for sustenance. Although the local community has shown great resilience in difficult environmental conditions and a harsh climate, the complex problem of deforestation, soil degradation and climate change has arisen at an alarming pace. It has become more difficult for the local ecosystem to maintain its biodiversity, fertile ground, and natural sources of water.

Results achieved

Together with Justdiggit we’ve calculated our total CO2 emission from international flights over three years. Since June of 2020 through the ‘Re-grow trees’ regreening project, we’ve helped to regenerate over 276,000 trees and to save 320 million litres of water. In 14 Tanzanian villages, 58 ‘champion farmers’ are continuously spreading their expertise on reforestation, and they’ve enthusiastically activated a total of 7,290 local farmers. In addition, the champion farmers have trained and activated 114 other institutes, such as churches, mosques, schools, and hospitals. By supporting the ‘Regreen Dodoma’ programme, we’ve compensated for much more CO2 emission than we had originally even hoped for.

Future steps

Through our contribution an estimated 1,036 hectares of land have recovered. Through the various benefits of the reforestation, we’re positively impacting not only the living conditions of more than 11,400 people, but also the climate for everyone. The intervention phase of the reforestation project in Dodoma has now achieved its goals, so we’ve started a new project to compensate for our CO2 emission.

“If you’re talking about organizations that make real impact, then I think Justdiggit is a particularly inspiring example. They fit perfectly into the purpose economy that we stand behind. An economy and society in which higher purpose is leading.”

Maarten Pekelharing General Director Winclove Probiotics
Maarten Pekelharing General Director Winclove Probiotics

Maarten Pekelharing, General DirectorWinclove Probiotics

Justdiggit, for cooling down the planet

Justdiggit is a non-profit organization aiming to keep the earth inhabitable. With their motto ‘If we can warm the planet, then we can cool it too’, they’re building an international movement to inspire and activate people worldwide to restore the earth. The projects that Justdiggit initiates in various African countries favourably impact water retention, food, biodiversity, migration, and the climate.