Together with Justdiggit we are ‘regreening’ Tanzania and contributing to climate recovery

Boer in Sinigida-regio

Obviously, as an international organization we have to deal with CO2 emission. Factors that determine our emissions include travelling to our business partners, our production process, and keeping our office going. We do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and to work CO2 neutrally in the future. Our current CO2 emissions are offset by something positive; to this end, in recent years we have been regreening the landscape in Tanzania together with Justdiggit. So far, more than 14 million trees have already been ‘brought back’. The first project we contributed to was ‘Re-grow trees’ in the Dodoma region. Since May 2022, right from the start of this project, we have also been involved in regreening the neighbouring Singida region.

“Winclove Probiotics, just like Justdiggit, uses the power of nature to make such a positive impact. Also in terms of mindset, we have much in common: positive and can-do! We feel a huge connection with the organization and are tremendously pleased with their support”

Marjolein Albers - Justdiggit
Marjolein Albers - Justdiggit

Marjolein Albers, Managing DirectorJustdiggit

Investing in ‘Re-grow trees’ and Kisiki Hai

In recent years we’ve invested in the ‘Re-grow trees’ regreening project in Dodoma, Tanzania. Using the method known as Kisiki Hai (‘living stump’ in Swahili) vegetation has been brought back. Existing, living tree stumps were pruned, protected, and nurtured back into full-sized trees. A method much more efficient than planting entirely new trees, because the roots of living stumps can already reach deeper water levels, often require less water, and are better resistant to external influences.

Project 2: bringing back trees in Singida

In the neighbouring region of Singida, 90% of the population depend on the land for their livelihood. However, it becomes more difficult for the local ecosystem to maintain its biodiversity, fertile ground, and natural sources of water. Following the successful completion of ‘Re-grow trees’ in Dodoma, the aim is to work with Justdiggit and both local and special ‘Champion Farmers’ to bring back more than 8 million trees in Singida by 2026. This way farming families are able to work the land better and create a new source of income and firewood.

Champion Farmers in action

The ‘Champion Farmers’ have a leading role in the regreening programme. Currently, as many as 2000 Champion Farmers in central Tanzania are actively spreading the ‘regreening’ idea and method. They are selected based on knowledge, skills, and position in their community. In 2022, the first Champion Farmers of Dodoma attended a multi-day training course. After completing it they returned to their villages and started training other farmers and promoting the regreening movement. The Champion Farmers are tasked with the following:

  • spread their knowledge about the Kisiki Hai method;
  • activate farmers in the region;
  • play a major role in the monitoring system;
  • do regular checks, including tree counts in the field;
  • collect statistics on the number of trees and the number of farmers trained and activated, and communicate this to the programme office.

Story of the farmers

Since we’ve been involved with the project in Singida right from the start, we get to know the Champion Farmers and the local farmers in this region a bit better. Watch a short interview with Champion Farmer Japhary below. He talks about the challenges facing his farming business and how the ‘Re-grow trees’ project is helping him to maintain his small-scale agriculture, keep livestock and realize his dreams.

Results achieved

With our contribution to the ‘Re-grow trees’ regreening project, we already restored more than 1,036 hectares of landscape as of mid-2022, and that area will only increase. Meaning we’ve compensated for much more CO2 emission than we had originally even hoped for. Through the various benefits of the reforestation, we’re positively impacting not only the living conditions of the local people, but also the climate for everyone. Besides having enthusiastically activated more than 7,290 local farmers, the Champion Farmers have also trained and activated other institutes, such as churches, mosques, schools, and hospitals.

“If you’re talking about organizations that make real impact, then I think Justdiggit is a particularly inspiring example. They fit perfectly into the purpose economy that we stand behind. An economy and society in which higher purpose is leading”

Maarten Pekelharing General Director Winclove Probiotics
Maarten Pekelharing General Director Winclove Probiotics

Maarten Pekelharing, General DirectorWinclove Probiotics

Justdiggit, for cooling down the planet

Justdiggit is a non-profit organization aiming to keep the earth inhabitable. With their motto ‘If we can warm the planet, then we can cool it too’, they’re building an international movement to inspire and activate people worldwide to restore the earth. The projects that Justdiggit initiates throughout Africa favourably impact water retention, food, biodiversity, migration, and the climate.