Winclove Probiotics is B Corp certified

As a commercial organization we do our best for society and the protection of our planet. In 2020, we received the B Corp certificate for these efforts, and we are very proud of this. ‘B Corp’ stands for Benefit Corporation, and the certificate is awarded by B Lab. Only companies that demonstrably and continuously strive for a healthy society, a healthy economy and a healthy planet can qualify for it. Our certification followed an extensive B Impact Assessment (BIA), and for us it’s a compliment on the reliability of how we do business.

Winclove Probiotics is B Corp

Extremely proud of our certification

Our B Corp certificate confirms that we not only think well, but also act well. In the years to come, we’re going to devote ourselves even more to environmental and social goals, by which we also gain more B Corp points. Through this we also hope to inspire our own business partners and relations. For a long time now, we at Winclove have known that we do all we can do to be the best company for the world, but with the B Corp certificate this is now clear to the world. And we are very proud of this.

B Corp in the future

Together as a group, B Corp certified companies achieve more for the world and for future generations. We now align ourselves in a group with like-minded organizations such as Fairphone, Tony’s Chocolonely, Ben & Jerry’s, and Patagonia. All companies that bundle their forces for a better world. For us the certification means acknowledgement and a starting point.

“B Corp challenges us to turn our good intentions into concrete actions. It is really behaviour that it’s all about. I think that companies should have the ambition to serve as an example in this and to inspire and motivate others.”

Maarten Pekelharing General Director Winclove Probiotics
Maarten Pekelharing General Director Winclove Probiotics

Maarten Pekelharing, General DirectorWinclove Probiotics

About B Corp

Companies with a B Corp certificate voluntarily hold the highest standards in the area of social and ecological influence, embrace their responsibility and work transparently. They are conscious of the impact they have on society, want to do good for the world, and use their commercial power to do so. For every strategic decision, they consider the effect on their employees, clients, suppliers, society as a whole, and the environment. B Corps actively commit to purposes such as greater inclusiveness and a sustainable economy.

Using business as a force for good.’

Read the interview with Maarten Pekelharing, our General Director, about our B Corp certification.