Collaboration with ARTIS-Micropia: teaching programme for primary schools

Winclove Probiotics and ARTIS-Micropia have teamed up to produce playful projects that teach children more about health and microbiology. Micropia builds bridges between science and the wider world. One of the topics featured in this modern microbe museum is the power of probiotics. By pooling our resources, we aim to generate enthusiasm among young people and encourage them to live healthier and more active lives. One of the ways we do this is by teaching at primary schools in Amsterdam-Noord, our own neighbourhood.

‘Together in North Amsterdam’ teaching programme

Our first practical teaching programme ‘Together in North Amsterdam’ enables children to learn about the trillions of bacteria, fungi and yeasts that are essential to our health. The programme centres on the relationship between health, nutrition and your own microbiome – the community of micro-organisms that live in and on the body of every human being. The programme follows up a classroom lesson with a visit to Winclove Probiotics and the Micropia museum at ARTIS Zoo.

“Micropia is building the bridge between microbiology and the public. But this can be done only with partners like Winclove Probiotics. They not only have much unique expertise in-house, but they’re also the prime example of the positive influence microbes have on our lives. Together we’re making microbes not only visible, but we’re making them tangible too.”

Hoofd ARTIS-Micropia
Hoofd ARTIS-Micropia

Jasper Buikx, Head of ARTIS-MicropiaARTIS-Micropia

Sign up

Years 7 and 8 of primary schools in Amsterdam-Noord can sign up to participate in the teaching programme ‘Together in North Amsterdam’ using the form below. Winclove Probiotics’ educational activities are focused on the local area, but other schools who are interested are welcome to contact us to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

    Museum Micropia

    ARTIS-Micropia reveals the secrets of the invisible world of micro-organisms. One visit to this microbe museum at Amsterdam’s ARTIS Zoo and you will never look at yourself and the world around you in quite the same way again. It’s a place where children from an early age get to know and learn to appreciate the smallest and most successful organisms on earth. Come and find out all about microbes and the importance and potential of these tiny creatures for humans and the natural world.