For Winclove business consists of much more than being a good employer and making profit. At our company we don’t believe in result-orientated work, but we choose people-orientated collaboration. Because if we are good for each other, then a positive result is the natural consequence. What’s more, the ‘world’ is one of our stakeholders, and we take it into account in all that we do. We want to have a healthy impact on our planet and to add value. We continuously search for the balance between purpose and profit. In the purpose economy, running our family business is not the goal in and of itself, but a means of doing good things for the world and the generations to come. This is why we do business according to a Social Licence to Operate (SLO).

Sustainability and helping people are in our DNA

By nature, Winclove Probiotics pursues a highly socially-oriented policy that is focused on sustainability and helping people. Not only with making probiotic formulations, but also with behaviour. Ensuring internal diversity, setting up social initiatives in our North Amsterdam, investing in projects in foreign countries where help is needed, and striving to minimize the ecological footprint: this is the work that’s been in our DNA from the beginning and which we still want to contribute more to.

“Since the very founding of Winclove Probiotics, helping people, society, and the world has marked our DNA. And because we make a socially relevant product, we also feel that we have a greater responsibility.”

Maarten Pekelharing General Director Winclove Probiotics
Maarten Pekelharing General Director Winclove Probiotics

Maarten Pekelharing, General DirectorWinclove Probiotics

Contributing to a healthier world

We invest much time and many resources in setting up and supporting projects that we believe contribute to to the world’s health. These are large and small initiatives, near and far. Click on the blocks below to read more about the projects we support.

Alle Winclove-medewerkers vieren Greaqt Place to Work-certificering

Great Place to Work

In 2020 we were designated a Great Place to Work (GPTW). We received the certificate after an extensive employee study and a detailed culture audit. We are proud of this certification, which among other things helps us to attract new talent and become the best company for the world.

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B Corp

Since 2020 we’ve been in possession of the much coveted B Corp certificate. Only companies that demonstrably and continuously strive for a healthy society, a healthy economy and a healthy planet can qualify for it. B Lab granted the certificate after the extensive B Impact Assessment (BIA). For us, the certificate is a compliment on the reliability of how we do business.

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We do all we can to minimize our ecological footprint, such as flying less, adjusting our production processes and switching to a more sustainable energy supply. Yet CO2 is still being emitted, and to compensate for this we, together with Justdiggit, have been regreening countryside in Tanzania

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Yoba for Life

Yoba for Life promotes economic progress and health in Africa by enabling underprivileged people to make and sell their own probiotic yogurt.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s in our DNA to help people and be good for the people and world around us. And for us that starts close to home, in our roots, in ‘our’ North Amsterdam.

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Winclove Probiotics and ARTIS-Micropia have teamed up to produce playful projects that teach children more about health and microbiology. By pooling our resources, we aim to generate enthusiasm among young people and encourage them to live healthier and more active lives.

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