Winclove Probiotics’ product portfolio

Our probiotic formulations are developed in close collaboration with leading research institutes, universities and academic hospitals worldwide. We continuously invest in research and technologies in order to develop the most effective probiotics: products that offer end users the best solution to their health conditions. Our product portfolio with indication-specific probiotic formulations reflects our vision of probiotics. In everything that we do, quality, diversity, safety and effectiveness play a fundamental role. This is embedded in all our activities. In our brochure you can read more about who we are and what we can mean for you.

Key strengths of our formulations

    • multispecies: a carefully selected combination of strains and species;
    • evidence-based: we deliver both in vivo and in vitro evidence;
    • in addition to clinical studies, we are increasingly carrying out patient centred research;
    • PROBIOACT® Technology
        • -stable at room temperature: no refrigeration required;
          -excellent survival of the gastrointestinal tract;
          -high viability and metabolic activity of bacteria;
    • some of our strains are derived from humans, some are from milk cultures or plants and have QPS-status (Qualified Presumption of Safety) or an extensive safety record;
    • available in various forms from bulk consignments to fully finished products, ready to market under private label.


Probioact® Technology helps your products stand out from the rest
To take the quality of its premium probiotic formulations to the next level, Winclove developed Probioact® Technology. Probioact® Technology consists of carefully selected ingredients that support the viability and premium quality of your probiotic formulation. These ingredients ensure the cell count in the product until the end of its shelf life at room temperature. Additionally, it not only supports optimal survival of the probiotic strains during GI passage, it also stimulates metabolic activity making sure that the bacteria in our premium probiotic formulations are alive and kicking.

Ecologic® formulations

Our Ecologic® formulations have been proven effective in clinical research. For every indication, bacteria strains are selected on the basis of characteristics and functionalities. Most formulations are developed in collaboration with leading universities and academic hospitals all over the world.

Winclove formulations

Winclove formulations consist of carefully selected probiotic strains and are based on general scientific publications and in vitro research that we have done in our own laboratory with our strains and formulations.


We offer probiotic formulations for the following indications:

Metabolic health

Ecologic® Barrier for Metabolic Health Download pdf

Reducing insulin resistance and systemic low-grade inflammation

Brain health

Ecologic® Barrier Download pdf
Reducing vulnerability to depression
Improving brain function under stress


Ecologic® Allergycare Download pdf
Managing allergic symptoms;
hay fever and eczema

Ecologic® Panda Download pdf
Preventing early onset eczema


Ecologic® AAD Download pdf
Reducing antibiotic-associated side effects

Ecologic® Relief Download pdf
Reducing constipation

Winclove Travel Download pdf
Preventing travellers’ diarrhoea.


Winclove Smile Download pdf
Preventing periodontal disease


Ecologic® Performance Download pdf
Reducing exercise-induced stress

Age related

Winclove Baby Download pdf
Improving intestinal health of newborns

Winclove Junior Download pdf
Improving intestinal health of children

Winclove Adult Download pdf
Improving intestinal health of adults

Winclove Senior Download pdf
Improving intestinal health of the elderly

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