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Health areas

The human body houses a great number of microbes collectively referred to as ‘the human microbiota’. When changes in the composition and biodiversity of our microbiota occur, gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, and metabolic diseases, among others, can arise.

Research about the use of probiotics is growing rapidly. Winclove Probiotics offers probiotic formulations for various indication areas. At the same time we also research and explore new ways for probiotics to improve everyday life.

Gut health

The human gastrointestinal tract is home to thousands of various microorganisms, the so-called gut microbiota. More than 25 diseases, syndromes, or other disorders have been associated with disturbances of the gut microbiota. These include, among others, allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. In these illnesses we see less abundant and less diverse microbiotas as compared with those of a healthy condition. Probiotics can prevent disturbances and restore the microbiota.

Brain health

Mental disorders, in particular depression in its various forms, are becoming pandemic. Possible causes for this increase are changes to people’s lifestyles and their environment. A specific area of concern is the relation between the gut microbiota and mental health. Key to that relation is the exchange of information between the gut, the intestinal bacteria, and the brain – the so called gut-brain axis. Recent studies have shown that probiotics influence the gut-brain axis and thus the functioning of the brain as well.


Around the world, in both developing and developed countries, the incidence of allergic diseases is rising tremendously. This is caused by the immune system’s oversensitivity to harmful substances in the environment. Even early in life, a healthy gut microbiota contributes to the proper development of the gut and maturation of the immune system. Accordingly, research shows that the gut microbiota of babies with eczema is less diverse than that of healthy babies. Thus, the administration of specifically selected probiotic strains could prove an effective form of allergy symptom control.

Metabolic health

More and more people around the world are suffering from metabolic disorders, for example, obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, and cardiometabolic diseases. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and stress are all negatively influencing metabolic health. And that is why it is important to discover new ways to improve it. An ever-growing body of research shows that the gut microbiota plays a vital role in controlling metabolic health.

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