From pioneer to probiotics partner

Since 1987 our family company, Winclove Probiotics, together with local and international business partners, has been researching, developing and producing probiotic formulations. Our mission is to help people and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life. Firstly by trusting in the potential of probiotics, by trusting in the billions of good bacteria that live in and around us and are essential to our health. Trust also comes first in our collaborations with partners all over the world: underpinned by a like-minded view of how to do business, the trust is mutual, and this makes the bonds stronger.

Conviction in the power of diversity

In addition to trust, diversity is a value that we hold very dear. Conviction in the power of diversity refers to both bacteria and people. We are convinced of the power of bacterial diversity because diversity often means health; this is why we make only probiotic formulations that contain multiple types of bacteria. Moreover, at Winclove Probiotics we embrace diversity in our people: different people, with different educations, skills and characters, all working together to develop and produce high quality formulations.

Next generation

Out of personal conviction, Winclove Probiotics was founded on an autumn evening in 1987 by the two friends and business partners, Pieter Pekelharing and Bram van Leeuwen. In 2016 the leadership of our company was handed over to Maarten Pekelharing, Pieter’s son. Together with a new board, Maarten is steering the company ahead on a course charted by his father and Bram. Our growing team continues to innovate and improve the formulations, and helping people is as important to us as ever. Our great ambition is to become the greatest company for the world. In making probiotics available worldwide, our collaboration with valued and reliable business partners, local and international, is therefore primary. Because only together can we make the difference.