Sustainable success through
strong strategic partnership

It is for good reason that we refer to our clients as business partners: all of our sustainable partnerships are firmly founded on equality and the common goal. And that goal is to make our effective probiotics available to as many people as we can so that they can improve their quality of life. Every day our highly engaged and motivated people take that extra step alongside you in bringing about real change through probiotics.

Together we
achieve more

Collaborating with Winclove Probiotics goes beyond purchasing our evidence-based premium probiotics: firstly, through dialogue we determine together what your company needs to successfully commercialise our formulations in your market. What products do your end users need, what will ensure a successful launch, and so on? Besides our premium probiotic formulations themselves, you can count on us for tailored support, for example:

  • training and education for salesforce & healthcare professionals;
  • setting up and conducting clinical trials and pilot studies;
  • conducting relevant literature research in the field of probiotics / microbiota management and publishing scientific articles;
  • advising and assisting in registration processes and legal matters;
  • collaborating on and conducting inspiration and knowledge sessions about probiotics and microbiota management, e.g. round-table talks with key opinion leaders and best-practice exchanges with other business partners;

Attention and care
for the microbiota

Increasingly more health professionals and consumers are joining us in the strong conviction that a healthy microbiota is essential to our overall health. And we are fully and positively committed to applying all of our extensive knowledge and experience to bring together with our business partners even more health professionals, opinion leaders and regulators on board world wide.

Growing interest
in probiotics

To feed the interest, we organize events that highlight the microbiota’s role in specific medical conditions. We also are member of the International Probiotic Association (IPA) and the International Scientific Organization of Pre- and Probiotics (ISAPP). Worldwide, these organizations are actively increasing interest in probiotics as effective solutions for various health indications, and this in turn contributes across the board: to our collective goal of helping ever more people with probiotics, to your company’s success and to healthy and sustainable collaboration!

A selection of our business partners:

Want to join Winclove Probiotics
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