Our partners

Going for the same goal: helping people through effective probiotics. That is what our long-term, sustainable relationships with our business partners are founded on.

Each and every one of our business partners is a highly engaged nutritional supplements or pharmaceutical company. Together we market our probiotic formulations under private labels or as co-brands in more than 35 countries around the world.

Together you achieve more

Given our 35 years of experience in the research and development of indication-specific probiotics, our partners can count on probiotic formulations that suit their markets and users best. Our scientific expertise ensures that our products are of premium quality, competitive, and medically sound. In terms of service, we also offer various forms of support to market the formulations successfully in your market.

Why choose Winclove Probiotics?

  • Premium probiotic formulations
  • Scientific knowledge of our strains and their characteristics
  • Extensive scientific dossiers and clinical studies
  • Research and product development to improve users’ quality of life
  • Sustainable strategic partnerships
  • High level of social engagement