Diversity: the essence of Winclove formulations and Winclove itself

Diversity for

We are convinced that a diversity of bacteria contributes positively to people’s health. From this conviction we develop and produce only probiotic formulations that consist of multiple types of bacteria. If we can positively influence health, we can improve the quality of life.

Diversity for equality

We are a family company, and together we do indeed feel like one big family. A diversity of people work at our company, each with their own skills and talents. This combination enables us all together to make the difference. There is great solidarity at Winclove; we strive for the same goals. Together we work to develop and produce formulations of the highest quality. We believe that an inclusive, equal-opportunity culture like ours should be enjoyed by all, and that’s why we initiate and support numerous projects that advance the cause of social equality.

Diversity for
quality of life

Biodiversity is life. That’s why it’s our task to make sure that everyone can live in a habitable world. Apart from making premium probiotic formulations, we feel it’s also our duty to actively care for the environment that we’re part of. The responsibility for a liveable world lies not only in politics, but also in companies and the people who work there. We do our bit for this through initiatives such as assisting needy people in North Amsterdam, embracing sustainability principles in constructing our new office, setting up a project abroad using probiotics to prevent diarrhea among children and compensating for our CO2 emission by collaborating with Justdiggit to regreen countryside in Tanzania.

The best company for the world

Winclove Probiotics wants to contribute to people’s quality of life through probiotics. We do this by developing and producing premium quality probiotic formulations. Our goal is to make our products available to as many people as possible worldwide, to improve the quality of their lives. Central to this is our collaboration with local and international business partners, research institutes, scientists, universities and hospitals. We, as people and as a company, see it as our duty to be good for the people and world around us. Locally, in ‘our’ North Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, but also in areas abroad where people can well use our help. We want to be the best company for the world.

Great Place to Work

The people who work here trust each other and are proud of the work they do.

B Corp

As a B Corp we continuously and demonstrably strive for a healthy society, economy and planet.


To compensate for our CO2 emission, we’re working with Justdiggit to regreen countryside in Tanzania.

Yoba for Life

Yoba for Life promotes economic progress and health in Africa by enabling underprivileged people to make and sell their own probiotic yogurt.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Helping and being good for the people and world around us: it’s in our DNA.

Do you want to join our efforts to improve the quality of life of as many people as possible through the power of diversity?

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