Our people are our greatest asset

Wincloves team

How do you know a Winclove Probiotics person when you see one? As engagement, drive and optimism are the core values of our company, these qualities also show in our people. Together we form a tight, enthusiastic group of doers and thinkers who develop and produce effective probiotic solutions. Moreover, helping people and doing good things for the world are in our blood. We are proud of the people who make our family company so valuable.

Diversity in people

A broad range of people work at Winclove Probiotics. Different people, with different educations, skills and characters, all working together. This rich variety of backgrounds and perspectives gives Winclove the expertise needed to develop and produce high quality formulations. Our formulations are the multifaceted sum of the efforts and insights of our people.

“At its core, our mission is to improve the quality of life of all kinds of people. I think that quality of life is central to everything at Winclove. As a company we aim very consciously at making combinations of bacteria and multispecies probiotics in order to add value to the microbiota of people themselves. And if you extend that to the wider world, then we really try there too to see how we can – apart from the product we deliver - contribute even more.”

Chris Al, Sales Manager Winclove Probiotics
Chris Al, Sales Manager Winclove Probiotics

Chris Al, Head of SalesWinclove Probiotics


Winclove Probiotics’ current board consists of Maarten Pekelharing, Tara Corduwener, Martijn van Dam, Coline Gerritsen and Nicole Tollenaar-van Horssen. Their collective goal is to build a future-proof organization in which humanity, sustainability, and quality are considered paramount.

Business Office & HR

This department is responsible for the daily doings at Winclove. Additionally, the HR team adds value to the company by recruiting, developing, training, and retaining the staff and teams. Hence, we contribute together to the success of our company.


This many-sided department consists among others of Production, Supply Chain, Strategic Procurement, Quality Assurance & Control, and Regulatory Affairs. Operations has one big goal, and that is to produce more of our first class probiotic formulations intelligently and faster.

Market & Business Development

In Market & Business Development we deal with areas such as B2B Marketing, Corporate Communications, Product Portfolio Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, and Sales. Our sales team ensures that our clients’ needs are fulfilled with service of the highest quality.

Research & Development (R&D)

Research, development and innovation are Winclove Probiotics’ fundamental pillars. And these pillars rest on teams such as the Laboratory, Strain Development, Product Development, and Patient-Centered Clinical Development. So the lab continuously controls the quality and safety of our probiotic formulations. Additionally, the R&D teams focus on the development of new probiotic formulations and the improvement of existing formulations.