Winclove Probiotics

Winclove Probiotics, established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has been specializing in research, development and manufacturing of probiotic formulations for over 25 years. We closely collaborate with business partners, research institutes and university hospitals to develop effective, indication-specific probiotics. Our probiotics are sold worldwide by pharmaceutical and food supplement companies under private label. From start to finish we are a flexible partner to work with and look forward to starting a fruitful collaboration with you!

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Probiotic with vitamin B12 EU health claims

Vitamin B12 health claim

Winclove has upgraded the fermentation process of Propionibacterium freudenreichii W200 in such a way that the bacterium now contains adequate amounts of vitamin B12 to make an EFSA validated...

Sales Support & Education

We strive to deliver our clients evidence-bases, effective probiotics. But we don’t stop there, and also support our business partners in bringing their product to the market.

PROBIOACT® Technology

PROBIOACT ® Technology consists of bacteria-specific protective and nutritional ingredients, that increase the effectivity of probiotic formulations.