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Gut microbiome and improved memory

Gut microbiome and improved memory

We are glad to inform you about a study publication with Ecologic® Barrier by Bloemendaal et al. (2021). This study is an extension of the work previously published by Papalini et al. (2019) in which has been shown that Ecologic® Barrier can support cognitive perfor­mance under acute stress .

This extension of the same clinical trial showed that Ecologic® Barrier intake caused an increase in the relative abundance of eight specific genera. Especially participants with a higher increase in Ruminococcaceae_UCG-003 abundance seemed better protected from the negative effects of acute stress on working memory after Ecologic® Barrier intake. Thus, it seems that Ecologic® Barrier was able to modulate the mi­crobiota causing an increase of the bacterial genus Rumino­coccaceae_UCG-003, explaining the link between Ecologic® Barrier intake and improved cognitive performance under acute stress.

Read the full article: Probiotics-induced changes in gut microbial composition and its effects on cognitive performance after stress: exploratory analyses.

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