Winclove Probiotics, a Great Place to Work

For 35 years, Great Place to Work (GPTW) has been researching employee trust, pride and work pleasure within large and small organizations all over the world. According to the GPTW concept, these are the essential ingredients for organizational success. At a ‘Great Place to Work’, work is fun! Winclove Probiotics was officially awarded Great Place to Work status in July 2020, and that’s something we’re very proud of.

What makes a company a Great Place to Work?

Great Place to Work originated in New York in 1981, when journalist Robert Levering compiled a list of the 100 best American companies to work for. After intensive research, he realized that employees were not just enthusiastic about the perks they got at these companies, but that it was mostly the positive energy and atmosphere at their workplace that made them happy to come in every morning. The Great Place to Work organizational culture was characterized by the open and friendly way in which employees at all levels in the organization communicated with each other. These elements are still used as the basic criteria in GPTW’s research. 

“A Great Place to Work is an organization where you have confidence in the people you work for, take pride in your job and have fun with colleagues.”

Excellent test scores

Great Place to Work’s comprehensive research to gauge the degree of trust, pride and togetherness within Winclove Probiotics was completed in the spring of 2020. All of our employees were invited to fill in the GPTW questionnaire. Based on the results of this survey and the analysis of our organizational culture (Culture Audit), GPTW assessed whether Winclove Probiotics met the criteria for being a good employer. Thanks to our excellent scores, we achieved certification. The test results also helped us see how we could continue to improve as an employer. 

Satisfied employees

GPTW’s research is primarily focused on employee perception within an organization. Only they can indicate the extent to which they trust management, whether they feel proud of their employer and how satisfied they are. We are extremely proud that our employees are so positive about Winclove Probiotics, because only together with healthy and happy colleagues can we become ‘the best company in the world’. We are especially proud of the strong sense of social cohesion within our organization, and of the fact that 90,5% of our employees indicate that they consider Winclove Probiotics to be a Great Place to Work.

Great Place to Work in the future

Of course, it’s not all about the GPTW certificate. A Great Place to Work requires continuous maintenance. Therefore, we will continue to take initiatives to further strengthen the GPTW climate within our organization. We want to be the best company in the world, but also the best company for our employees. We feel that it’s important to convey that feeling when recruiting new employees, and with the GPTW certificate we’ll be even better able to keep attracting new talent and maintain high levels of employee satisfaction.