About Winclove

Who we are


Winclove Probiotics, established in Amsterdam, has been specializing in research, development and manufacturing of probiotic formulations since 1991. In close collaboration with business partners, research institutes and academic hospitals we develop effective microbiota management solutions.

Winclove is working towards a healthier future for people and society. We enable people to rebalance their microbiome through indication-specific probiotic formulations. We do this by connecting the latest scientific research and technologies in collaboration with our extensive research network and business partners.

We strive to provide our business partners with high quality probiotics that improve health naturally and enable people all around the world to rebalance their microbiome.

We are:

  • A key player in the world of microbiota management;
  • An experienced partner for universities and research institutes;
  • A science centre for healthcare professionals;
  • The first choice for companies seeking high-quality probiotics.


What we do

Winclove is a Life Sciences company with a more than 25-year history and core competencies in the area of probiotic development. Together with our extensive research network we are contributing to finding probiotic solutions to microbiota-related disturbances.

Research is the foundation of our formulations, stretching out over the complete probiotic development process from bacterial selection to clinical human trials. Already at the very beginning, in the fermentation process of our bacteria, we adjust fermentation conditions that will enhance probiotic capacities of the bacteria resulting in the most effective formulations for the end-user.

Formulating effective, high-quality probiotic formulations requires expert knowledge combined with a precise and thorough work ethic, in every step of the development chain. Winclove possesses this knowledge base and pairs it with branded technology, housed in a GMP-certified facility. This enables us to maintain complete control of all the critical development steps, ranging from strain selection to the manufacturing and packaging of the final products.