About Winclove

Since 1987, together with both national and international business partners, our family company Winclove Probiotics has been researching, developing, and producing probiotic formulations. It is our mission to help people and contribute to improving quality of life. First and foremost by trusting the potential of probiotics, trusting those billions of good bacteria that live in and around us and are essential for our health.


We are convinced of the power of bacterial diversity, because diversity often means health. We therefore develop probiotic formulations that contain multiple types of bacteria. Our R&D department works together with scientists and doctors from leading universities and (academic) hospitals worldwide to develop high quality and clinically validated probiotics. By combining different bacteria with unique and specific characteristics, we have created a robust line of indication specific multispecies probiotic formulations that help people live happier, healthier lives.


We have always been committed to improving quality of life for as many people as possible, and to achieve this, collaboration with our business partners is essential. We support them by sharing our in-house knowledge and scientific expertise and by providing tailored sales and marketing support for their private label distribution.


Winclove Probiotics’ mission is to become the best company for the world. We want to leave a better company and a better world for the next generation. As a B Corp certified company, we strive for a healthy society, a healthy economy, and a healthy planet.