Winclove Academy

It is our mission to improve the quality of life of people all around the world by developing the most optimal probiotic formulations for every microbiota related health problem. Over the years, this expertise has turned us into a true science centre for health care professionals, microbial research institutes, and business partners.

We know from experience that the microbial world is very complex and that gapping the bridge between science and daily life is key for making a health impact. Therefore, Winclove has set up a Speakers Academy to share the health promoting potential of bacteria and therapeutic opportunities for microbiota management with the rest of the world. Winclove’s Speakers Academy combines a high level of professionalism with the latest microbial insights on trending topics, such as gut-brain communication, women’s health or allergies. Our experts are capable of bringing an appealing message across and speaking for all sorts of audiences, such as scientists, health care professionals, sales representative or students.

The promotional trailer will give you a glimpse on the people behind Winclove’s Speakers Academy and their field of expertise.

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Winclove's Speakers Academy


Examples of topics


Influence of antibiotics on the microbiota and health


General information of probiotics and the microbiota


Implementing new innovative microbial health initiatives into practice


Translating complex scientific articles to clinical practice


Probiotics and their relation to eczema, brain health and underlying molecular working mechanisms


How probiotics can benefit patient’s health


Beneficial effects of probiotics for baby’s and infants


Probiotic product development


Functional and genetic properties of bacteria


Gut-brain communication