Scientific Advisory Board

At Winclove we have established a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of renowned researchers and business experts. Its task is to advise Winclove's Board of Directors and management on questions related to research in our current portfolio, and to make recommendations concerning future research. Several different disciplines in research areas relevant to probiotics are represented on the board.


Winclove's Scientific Advisory Board


Mary Ellen Sanders

Mary Ellen Sanders is an internationally recognized consultant to food and supplement companies in probiotic microbiology, with special expertise in paths to scientific substantiation of probiotic product label claims. Through numerous written, oral and video pieces (see, including a website,, she also strives to provide objective, evidence-based information on probiotics for consumers and professionals.

Some of her key activities and roles include:

  • Member of the working group convened by the FAO/WHO that developed guidelines for probiotics (2002).
  • Panels to determine GRAS status of probiotic strains.
  • Member of the American Gastroenterological Association Scientific Advisory Board for AGA Center for Gut Microbiome Research and Education
  • World Gastroenterology Organisation Committee preparing practice guidelines for the use of probiotics and prebiotics for GI indications (2008, 2011, 2016)
  • Served on the Product Integrity Working Group of the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Science Communicator for the Institute for Food Technologists
  • Participated in an NIH project titled “Federal Regulation of Probiotics: An Analysis of the Existing Regulatory Framework and Recommendations for Alternative Frameworks,” coordinated at the University of Maryland School of Law.


Scott Bush

Scott Bush has successfully led high-growth, high-profit probiotic businesses at DuPont, Danisco and Rhodia. He is a highly recognized and respected probiotic expert in the field and is well-connected to the global community of manufacturers, suppliers, marketers and researchers.  

Some of his key activities and roles include:

  • Launching Probiotic Consulting, LLC delivering expert marketing, technical, supply chain and operational guidance to assist companies wishing to enter into, or expand their presence within, the probiotic market.
  • Serving as Global Probiotic Business Leader at DuPont. In this role, Bush directed the activities of a leading global probiotic business with presence in the dietary supplement, food & beverage and pediatric nutrition markets.
  • Managing the global probiotic supplement business at Danisco where he was Vice-President, Marketing. Bush initiated a highly successful dual-brand strategy allowing maximum penetration of key market segments.
  • Launching FloraFit® brand probiotics driving high growth in contract manufacturer and traditional supplement segments while acting as Business Director at Rhodia Foods.