Research Collaboration

Research at Winclove

As one of the first companies to translate microbiome science into novel probiotic therapeutics, Winclove Probiotics regularly achieves breakthroughs in microbiota-management research and probiotic formulations.. It’s no surprise that around a quarter of Winclove’s employees are involved in research projects. They are studying how the microbiota interacts with itself and the host, in order to develop the most effective probiotic therapies for the end-users. But their research goes beyond product efficacy, the work of our scientists also opens the door to new therapeutic areas. Winclove uses this and other scientific research as a solid foundation for (new) probiotic formulations, and, by innovating the field, paves the way for next generation probiotics.


Scientific Collaboration Opportunities

If you are interested in conducting (pilot) studies or research with probiotics, Winclove may well be an interesting partner. We have over 20 years of experience in developing, testing and producing probiotic formulations in open collaboration with various research institutes and (university) hospitals. Our large collection of over 100 well-characterized probiotic strains enables us to explore a wide range of therapeutic indications.

We are open for new collaborations, both for mechanistic studies in vitro as well as clinical studies with either healthy volunteers or a patient population. All of Winclove’s research is performed using an investigator-driven approach in which every party contributes from their unique expertise. We believe this cross-disciplinary approach results in the generation of optimal scientific quality, independent and accurate results.

Please contact Winclove's Research Department if you are interested to discuss a possible collaboration!