Using probiotics to restore vaginal microbial infections and thereby reduce recurrence of infections

Bacterial vaginosis is a common vaginal infection and women who are treated with antibiotics are often left with a dysbiotic vaginal microbiome that is vulnerable to recurrent infections. With this in mind, researchers from the University of Liverpool and Rinda Ubuzima (Kigali, Rwanda) are performing a 4-arm, randomized, single blinded, controlled pilot study in sexually active women with the aim of determining the effects of these interventions on the recurrence of bacterial vaginosis over 6 months. One of the interventions studied in this project is Ecologic FEMI+ , Winclove’s topical multispecies probiotic formulation developed for this target group of women.

In the study, the women will be first treated for their infections with antibiotics and then randomized to one of the four study arms, including the Ecologic FEMI+ arm for 2 months and then  4 months of additional follow-up. In addition to the 6-month recurrence rate, study measurements will include vaginal microbiome composition.