Research at Winclove

Research is the foundation of our probiotic formulations

We rely heavily on scientific research as the basis for our probiotic formulations. It’s no surprise that around a quarter of Winclove’s employees is involved in research projects. They are studying how the microbiota interacts with itself and the host, in order to develop the most effective probiotic therapies for the end-users. But their research goes beyond product efficacy, the work of our scientists also opens the door towards new therapeutic areas.

Winclove uses this and other scientific research as a solid foundation for (new) probiotic formulations, and, by innovating the field, paves the way for next generation probiotics.


Some data

  • Started 25 years ago
  • >100 well-documented bacterial strains
  • 10 prebiotics
  • >70 probiotic formulations (supplement, FSMP, MD)
  • 38 research projects started, ongoing, or finished in 2015
  • 82% of research in 2015 was in humans
  • 40 External research partners worldwide
  • >50 peer-reviewed publications over the last 10 years
  • 5 manuscripts in the research pipeline for publication in the 2016


% researchers working at Winclove



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