Science Center

Research is the foundation of our products. We have over 25 years of experience in researching, developing, and producing probiotic formulations in collaboration with top research institutes, universities and academic hospitals. Our employees, specializing in different microbiota- and probiotic related fields, are engaged in international multidisciplinary projects focused on the microbiota in health and disease. This enables us to develop innovative multispecies probiotic formulations for many different health indications. We continuously invest in research and technologies in order to develop the most effective probiotics and more importantly, to ensure that the end-user is provided with the best solution.


Research at Winclove

Research is the basis for our probiotic formulations. Around a quarter of Winclove’s employees is involved in research projects.

Research Partners

Whether you are interested in conducting (pilot) studies or fundamental research with probiotics, Winclove could be an interesting partner....