Production Process

Formulating effective, high-quality probiotic formulations requires expert knowledge combined with a precise and thorough work ethic, in every step of the development chain. Winclove possesses this knowledge base and pairs it with branded technology, housed in a GMP-certified facility. This enables us to maintain complete control of all the critical development steps, ranging from strain selection to the manufacturing and packaging of the final products.

Winclove’s dedication to food safety throughout the supply chain is underscored by its food safety management system. This system is rewarded with the ISO 22000 certification for the development and production of pre- and probiotics.


Winclove’s production process 




The production process starts with the fermentation of our probiotic bacteria. Our in house knowledge enables us to adjust the fermenting conditions in such a way that, during their growth, bacteria develop favorable characteristics. For example, we are able to grow bacteria that are more resistant to a low pH that will finally result in an improved survival through the gastro-intestinal tract. All our fermented bacteria are controlled before further processing.


Strain selection

The development of our formulations starts with an extensive literature research on the best combination of strains. The strains are selected out of our extensive library containing over 100 well documented strains. Depending on the indication, we select 3-10 different probiotic strains which are tested on their compatibility. All the bacteria we use have the QPS status or an extensive safety file and are screened on susceptibility or resistance to several antibiotics.


PROBIOACT® Technology selection

Besides selection of the right bacterial strains, we add protective and nutritional ingredients of the PROBIOACT® Technology to the formulation to further increase product effectivity. Bacteria have strain-specific preferences for food and nutrition. That’s why each formulation contains different ingredients of the PROBIOACT® Technology.



The bacterial strains and protective and nutritional ingredients of the PROBIOACT® Technology are mixed on a carrier material. The blending of the bacteria on the carrier matrix takes place under very strict protocols and conditions in a climate controlled production room. Winclove’s food safety management system is ISO 22000:2005 certified for the development and production of pre- and probiotics, indicating that food safety at every link of the supply side is ensured. In addition, Winclove’s is a Good manufacturing (GMP) facility for dietary supplements.



After the formulation is produced, the complete formulation is tested in vitro on real time stability, gastrointestinal survival and metabolic activity. In addition, we perform formulation specific experiments such as inhibition of pathogens or permeability of the intestinal barrier function.

The formulations in our Ecologic@ brand are tested in vivo on their effectiveness. A positive peer reviewed trial is required to call a formulation an Ecologic@.

Before packaging we control the quality of our products by physical, microbiological and organoleptic analyses. This to secure high quality requirements of our probiotic formulations.



Our probiotic formulations are available as bulk deliveries or as finished products, ready to market under your own brand. Winclove’s formulations can be stored at room temperature and have an average shelf life of 1-2 and sometimes 3 years.

After release our formulations are ready for transport to our business partners around the world.