PROBIOACT® Technology

PROBIOACT® Technology ensures viable bacteria resulting in effective probiotic formulations.

Since probiotic organisms are very fragile organisms, formulating effective probiotics of the highest quality demands expert knowledge in each and every step of the probiotic development process.

We strive to develop the most effective probiotic formulations. To achieve this, we continuously study the interactions between microbiota, probiotics, health and disease. This research helps us to select the most effective bacteria for an indication, and so, develop indication-specific formulations.

But selecting the right strains of bacteria alone isn’t enough to ensure success of a probiotic solution. Product effectiveness also depends on the condition of the bacteria. Therefore, a large part of our research focuses on ingredients that improve the wellbeing of our friendly microbes.

To ensure bacterial viability and through this product effectiveness, we add other active ingredients to our probiotic formulations. These ingredients are selected to optimize: 

  • Stability - ensuring the cell count until end of shelf life at room temperature

  • Bacterial survival - ensuring survival during GI passage (acid, bile, digestive enzymes)

  • Metabolic activity - ensuring that the probiotic bacteria are active.

We continuously investigate how to improve the efficacy of these functional ingredients. The culmination of our quest to find  the best probiotic bacteria stimulating ingredients is called PROBIOACT® Technology. Every Winclove formulation contains PROBIOACT®, but the composition is optimized for each indication.