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Effective probiotic formulations with viable bacteria

Winclove Probiotics selects the ideal probiotic strains for each specific indication, but that’s just the start. To ensure optimal probiotic success, we’ve developed Probioact® Technology. This technology applies carefully selected ingredients to support bacterial viability, increasing the effectiveness and premium quality of each formulation. 

Stability from start to finish

Probiotics are, by definition, living microorganisms and therefore require a viable bacterial count and stability throughout their shelf life. In traditional products, many bacteria perish due to exposure to environmental factors like water, oxygen and temperature fluctuations. Probioact® improves the stability of our probiotic formulations, enabling storage at room temperature and ensuring consistent bacterial counts until the end of their shelf life. 

Gastrointestinal survival

For probiotic bacteria to be effective, they must survive the harsh gastrointestinal environment. This survival largely depends on their tolerance to stomach acid and other digestive enzymes. In traditional probiotics products, many viable cells are lost due to stomach acidity and digestive products in the GI tract. Our Probioact® Technology protects the bacteria in our premium formulations from these harsh conditions.

Metabolic activity

Probiotics produce metabolites like lactic acids and bacteriocins to benefit human health. For this, they must not only be alive but also metabolically active. However, treatments or environmental factors can compromise their activity so that they survive, but no longer deliver to their full potential. Our Probioact® Technology includes selected ingredients to boost metabolic activity, ensuring the vitality of our premium probiotic bacteria.


Tailored formulations

Each Winclove formulation features Probioact® Technology tailored to suit the unique needs of its probiotic strains. Our ongoing pursuit of the finest ingredients for Probioact® ensures our premium probiotics deliver what is promised, setting our formulations apart from the rest.

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