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Extensive quality checks in our research and production facilities

Winclove Probiotics employee checks the quality of products.

Extensive quality control and certified facilities

We’re committed to the highest quality standards of premium probiotics. That’s why our certified facilities employ state-of-the-art quality controls during manufacturing. Every batch undergoes rigorous quality checks, both before release and at the end of its shelf life, to ensure the perfect blend of live and stable bacteria, through moisture content, active water (aW) values, and organoleptic properties. We also meticulously assess the quality of incoming raw materials, even after manufacturer checks – so we can guarantee the best outcome. All our R&D and production facilities are certified, ensuring quality at every stage. This lets us keep a tight grip on all the important steps, from picking the right strains to making and packaging the final products. From ISO 22000 on food safety, to the stringent cGMP standards.


Formulating effective, high-quality probiotic formulations requires expert knowledge combined with a precise and thorough work ethic, in every step of the development chain. Winclove possesses this knowledge base and pairs it with branded technology, housed in a GMP-certified facility. This enables us to maintain complete control of all the critical development steps, ranging from strain selection to the manufacturing and packaging of the final products. View the cGMP certificate for our production facility (Hulstweg 11 and tt Vasumweg 221), and for our warehouse facility (Vlierweg 12).

ISO 22000 certification

Winclove’s dedication to food safety throughout the supply chain is underscored by its food safety management system. This system is rewarded with the ISO 22000 certification for the development and production of pre- and probiotics. View the ISO certificate (Hulstweg 11) and the ISO certificate for our new facilities (tt Vasumweg 221).

Facility’s Certificate of FDA Registration

Certificate issued by Registrar Corp denoting U.S. FDA Food Facility Registration pursuant to the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended by the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 and the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.