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Stability and homogeneity in our production and packaging process

An employee of Winclove Probiotics is producing and packaging probiotics.
An employee of Winclove Probiotics is producing and packaging probiotics.

End-to-end assurance and quality

In our production process, we guarantee stability, activity and homogeneity from start to finish. Our facilities offer several key quality assurances:

Optimal conditions for bacteria

We use freeze-dried bacteria, which are delicate. By employing a vertical process, we minimize stress on the cells and avoid using mixing blades. Our containers are smooth inside to prevent damage and we meticulously control temperature and humidity to maintain the bacteria’s dormant state.

Flexibility through redundancy

Critical steps in our process are duplicated, including production lines, elevators, and climate systems. This redundancy enhances flexibility and reduces the risk of downtime, allowing for agile and efficient production planning.

Sustainable packaging

We collaborate closely with our packaging partners to ensure the highest quality and sustainability. By involving them early in product development, we leverage their expertise for the benefit of our customers.

Vertical production

Our facility features a vertical production process, using gravity to seamlessly move pro-biotic and non-probiotic ingredients. This reduces physical strain on our staff and ensures smooth handling of heavy equipment.

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