Use of the multispecies probiotic Winclove 500/Bactosan pro FOS leads to less gastrointestinal complaints in adults – an observational in vivo pilot study

Year: 2016

Journal: Advances in Microbiology

Authors: F. Grossenbacher, A. Gashi, I. Besseling-van der Vaart


The potential benefit of probiotics on the gut microbiota and on various gastrointestinal disorders is well documented. It has become clear that these probiotic effects are
strain-specific, underlying the necessity for a well-founded strain selection for research
and clinical practice. Whether probiotics also have a positive effect on parameters of
gastrointestinal function in a healthy population is less investigated.
The objective of this in vivo observational study was to investigate the effect of a
6-week intervention with a multispecies probiotic product on gut health and quality of
life (QoL) in a population of otherwise healthy adults and to evaluate the feasibility of
conducting a controlled trial on probiotic effects in this population. A total of 40 participants
from 3 different health centres were included in the study. After a 1-week
inclusion phase, participants were supplemented for a 6-week period with Winclove
500/BactoSan pro FOS. During the run-in phase and each week during the observational
period, gastrointestinal functional parameters were documented by an adapted
version of the Eypasch questionnaire. Data on QoL was collected at baseline and at the
end of the intervention period. The total gastrointestinal (GI) symptom score was reduced
from 10 (4-21) at baseline to 6 (0-15) (p<0,05) after 6 weeks intervention. More
specifically, after the probiotic intervention the percentage of participants which were
fully resolved of a particular symptom significantly increased to 27.5% (p<0.02) for
gastrointestinal pain, to 25% (p<0.03) for epigastric fullness/bloating and to 20%
(p<0.02) for flatulence, compared to baseline. The treatment was well-tolerated. This
observational study provides important information on the ability to investigate potential
effects of a probiotic product in otherwise healthy adults. The promising results
Winclove 500/BactoSan pro FOS showed on gut health and QoL in this target group
should be further investigated in a randomized, placebo-controlled study.