Probiotic Portfolio

Our probiotic formulations are developed in close collaboration with leading research institutes,
universities and academic hospitals. 
We continuously invest in research and technologies in order to develop the most effective probiotics that ensure end-users with the best solution.


Ecologic formulations

Our Ecologic® formulations have been developed in collaboration with leading universities and academic hospitals worldwide. For every indication bacterial strains are selected based on characteristics and functionality, and the formulation has been proven effective in clinical trials.


Winclove formulations

Winclove formulations consist of carefully selected probiotic strains and are based on scientific and in vitro evidence.



Metabolic Health

logo: Ecologic Barrier

Ecologic® Barrier for Metabolic Health 

Reducing insulin resistance and systemic low-grade inflammation

Brain health

Ecologic® Barrier

Reducing vulnerability to depression. Improving brain functioning under stress


Ecologic® Allergycare

Managing allergic symptoms; hay fever and eczema

Ecologic® Panda

Preventing early-onset eczema


Ecologic® AAD

Reducting antibiotic-associated side effects

Ecologic® Relief

Reducting constipation

Ecologic Performance

Reducing exercise-induced stress

Winclove Travel

Preventing traveller’s diarrhea

Age specific

Winclove Baby

Improving the intestinal health of newborns

Winclove Junior

Improving the intestinal health of children

Winclove Adult

Improving the intestinal health of adults

Winclove Senior

Maintaining intestinal health in elderly