Probiotic Portfolio

We offer a range of probiotic formulations for several health indications.


Ecologic® 825

Improving quality of life of IBD patients

Ecologic® AAD

Reduction of antibiotic-associated side effects

Ecologic® Relief

Reduction of constipation

Winclove Travel

Risk reduction of traveler’s diarrhea

Age specific

Winclove Baby

Improving the intestinal health of newborns

Winclove Junior

Improving the intestinal health of children

Winclove Adult

Improving the intestinal health of adults

Winclove Senior

Maintaining intestinal health in elderly


Ecologic® Femi+

Prevention of (recurrent) vaginal infections

Winclove Clear

Prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections

Brain health

Ecologic® Barrier

Reduction of depressive symptoms

Oral health

Winclove Smile

Improvement of oral health and prevention of gingivitis


Ecologic® Allergycare

Management of allergic symptoms

Ecologic® Panda

Prevention of early-onset eczema

Winclove Tolerance

Magement of lactose intolerance


Ecologic® Performance

Reduction of exercise-induced stress