The Ecologic® brand

Ecologic® brand

Our Ecologic® formulations have been developed in collaboration with leading European universities and academic hospitals. Ecologic® therapies are designed to target the functional deficiencies in a dysbiotic microbiome. This means that they deliver the keystone features needed to rebalance the microbiome and catalyse the transition of the gut microbiota to a healthy state. Their effects have been tested in human trials and have shown positive results. Ecologic® formulations have the potential to improve the lives of patients for which the current course of treatment is inadequate.
The Ecologic® brand has its own informational platform for health care professionals. 
Ecologic® formulations are available for the following health indications:

  Improving quality of life of IBD patients
  Reduction of antibiotic-associated side-effects
  Management of allergic symptoms
  Reduction of depressive symptoms
  Preventing recurrence of bacterial vaginosis
  Prevention of early-onset eczema
  Reduction of exercise-induced stress
  Reduction of constipation