The Ecologic® brand

Ecologic® formulations

Our Ecologic® formulations have been developed in collaboration with leading European universities and academic hospitals. Ecologic® therapies are designed to target the functional deficiencies in a dysbiotic microbiome. This means that they deliver the keystone features needed to rebalance the microbiome and catalyse the transition of the gut microbiota to a healthy state. Their effects have been tested in human trials and have shown positive results. Ecologic® formulations have the potential to improve the lives of patients for which the current course of treatment is inadequate.

Winclove formulations

The Winclove formulations have been developed for broader use, for which measuring results in a human trial setting is difficult. This does not mean their effectiveness is less compared to the Ecologic® formulations. Winclove formulations are based on scientific as well as in vitro evidence and are satisfyingly used by a majority of our partners.


Age-specific probiotics

A specific line within the Winclove formulations are our age formulations. The composition of our microbiota evolves throughout our entire life, from birth to old age, and is the result of different environmental influences.
The development of our gut microbiome starts right at birth. Still sterile inside the uterus, the new-born’s digestive tract is quickly colonized by all kinds of microorganisms. During childhood years, Bifidobacteria play a key role in building the infant’s intestinal microbiota. A few years later, the microbiome becomes stable and similar to that of adults.
In a healthy situation, the intestinal microbiota is involved in digesting food, producing vitamins, protecting against infections and supporting our immune system. But our healthy state is challenged by everyday factors such as; stress, antibiotic courses, an erratic lifestyle, travelling and spoiled food. These occurrences can disturb the microbial balance, resulting in complaints. Especially when we get older we become more susceptible to infections, as a result of a weakened immune system and loss of beneficial species such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.
Winclove's age-specific probiotic formulations have been developed to counter the challenges that influence us in every stage of our lives. The formulations contain the necessary bacterial strains to maintain a balanced microbiome.