Probiotic Formulations

In our science centre we are able to identify key alterations in the microbiome that are associated with specific diseases. We use this knowledge combined with our proprietary library of over 100 well-studied microbial strains, to design tailor-made therapies that restore the microbial balance.

The thorough substantiation and quality of our probiotic formulations makes us the preferred probiotic supplier, and as a result, our indication-specific products are successfully marketed by pharmaceutical and food supplement companies all over the world.


Probiotic Portfolio

We offer indication-specific probiotics (Ecologic formulations) and broad-spectrum probiotics for different age groups (age-specific formulations).

Why Winclove Probiotics

Pioneer in Probiotic Research

Research is the foundation of our probiotic formulations. We are engaged in international multidisciplinary projects that contribute to the research and development...

The Ecologic® brand

Ecologic® formulations

Our Ecologic® formulations have been developed in collaboration with leading European universities and academic hospitals. Ecologic® therapies are designed to target the...