Ecologic® AAD recommended by WGO

Triggered by the growing knowledge on the relation between the intestinal microbiome and human health, the interest in probiotics is ever increasing. Probiotic supplements are nowadays successfully used in many regions of the world.

Major applications are in the area of the prevention and treatment of gastro-intestinal related disorders, but a widespread impact beyond the gastrointestinal tract is seen. The claims that can be made about probiotics differ between countries, depending on national regulatory policies. Typically, no mention of disease or illness is allowed, making it difficult for health care professionals and patients to obtain reliable information about safe and effective probiotics.

To inform clinicians about the current insights of probiotics and prebiotic applications for various gastrointestinal disorders, the WGO has evaluated existent studies based on efficacy and safety. In the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, the WGO guidelines state there is strong evidence of probiotic efficacy in adults or children who are receiving antibiotic therapy.

The evidence for Winclove’s probiotic formulation Ecologic® AAD is evaluated as level 2 evidence: Randomized trial or observational study with dramatic effect.

The recommendation of Ecologic® AAD as an effective and safe probiotic for reducing antibiotic-associated diarrhoea by the WGO is very promising in implementing probiotics as a standard prescription next to antibiotics and hopefully will lead to general acceptance in national guidelines as well.


Read the WGO guidelines

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