Mind, Mood & Microbes

Where gut-brain science meets clinical practice

‘Mind, Mood & Microbes’, the world’s first conference to place the microbiota-gut-brain axis front and centre. Being a founding partner, we are proud to facilitate this platform where gut-brain science meets clinical practice.

Find out where the field is at now and what focus areas we are researching to face the next challenges in the gut-brain area.

Bridging the gap between research and treatment 

The event brings together not only key experts from top universities and research institutes, but also healthcare professionals and industry partners from diverse and complementary fields of expertise. The natural cross-pollination that occurs is one of the most important reasons this international conference is of tremendous value to a field that is still relatively unexplored. Exchanging different areas of expertise in the gut-brain field, enables us to bridge the gap between research insights and applications for treatment in humans.

Why attend Mind, Mood & Microbes? 

  • 100% focus on the microbiota-gut-brain axis.
  • Get the most recent scientific insights on how the gut affects the brain and attend lectures by key experts from top universities and research institutes.
  • Get to know experienced, talented and young professionals in the field of gastro-enterology, psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, immunology, microbiology and probiotics.
  • Exchange ideas with scientists, healthcare professionals and industry partners. 
  • See the more than 40 poster presentations.
  • Share your expertise and help speed the process that leads to evidence based solutions to a variety of mental diseases. 

From science to evidence-based solutions 

As experts in the field of probiotics, we believe it is important that knowledge of topics such as the gut-brain axis, the microbiota, and bacteria’s effect on health are shared. It is obvious that Mind, Mood & Microbes is of great contribution to the increased interest worldwide in probiotics as an evidence-based application to support brain health.

It started in 2016 

In early December 2016, more than 250 healthcare professionals and researchers from around the world gathered in Amsterdam for ‘Mind, Mood and Microbes’, the first international congress with a 100% focus on the microbiota-gut-brain axis. Because of the fascinating aspects of this subject, Mind, Mood & Microbes attracts a variety of experienced, talented and young professionals from the field of gastro-enterology, psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, immunology, microbiology and probiotics  from all around the globe. Now it has grown to be a prestigious event. Therefore Winclove Probiotics as the founding partner is proud to facilitate the 4th Mind, Mood & Microbes conference already.  

As a precursor to the 4th conference Mind, Mood & Microbes even provided a pre-conference webinar on February 16th 2023 with an overview of current research approaches and advances in the field, with perspectives from eight leading scientific experts. 

“Mind, Mood & Microbes offers a unique platform to discuss the way forward and accelerate the translation of research breakthroughs into clinical practice and evidence based applications”

Elsbeth Pekelharing, Initiater Mind Mood & Microbes, Product Portfolio ManagerWinclove Probiotics

Focus areas

One of Winclove Probiotics focus areas is understanding the mechanisms of gut-brain communication in the human body. Joining forces helps us to advance the crucial conversion of research results into evidence-based solutions. That’s why Winclove is always looking for partnerships, especially where depression, cognition and autism are concerned.   




Interested in joining us at Mind, Mood & Microbes 2024?