Patients suffering from depression have altered moods, which often include anxiety. Multiple causes of depression have been identified, including genetic, neurological, inflammatory, personality, cognitive, and environmental factors. It is thought that systemic inflammation as a result of leaky gut (decreased gut-barrier function) can influence brain functioning. This occurs via pro-inflammatory cytokines crossing the blood-brain barrier and affecting central nervous system functioning such as serotonin signaling, contributing to depression symptoms. 


Experts from the Mind, Mood & Microbes conference comittee discuss the microbiota-gut-brain axis

Science writer Kristina Campbell interviews two leading scientists in the field of the microbiota-gut-brain axis: Aletta Kraneveld, Professor of Interdisciplinary Translational Pharmacology and Dean of the faculty of science at the VU Amsterdam and Jane Foster, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences. Both Prof. Kraneveld and Prof. Foster are committee members of Mind. Mood & Microbes conference and will be attending May 10th and 11th. In this interview you will learn about the anatomical connections between the gut and the brain, how we know gut microbes influence the brain in humans, and what we can do now to help our gut microbes support our brain and mental health. All these topics will be discussed in much more detail at Mind, Mood & Microbes 2023 in scientific presentations, round tables, panel discussions and poster presentations.

Publications on depression

Ecologic® Barrier helpful in enhancing mood

Winclove Probiotics has been involved in one of the earliest human studies showing positive effects of probiotics (Ecologic® Barrier) on mental health (Steenbergen et al. 2015). A more recent study was published in 2021, one designed to investigate the effects of Ecologic® Barrier in alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms. These studies confirm our earlier findings that Ecologic® Barrier can help people suffering from heightened feelings of anxiety or depression. 

Ecologic® Barrier

  • Reducing vulnerability to depression
  • Improving brain functioning under stress