Dementia and cognitive impairment are age-related conditions that are on the rise worldwide. Recent studies have demonstrated that the manipulation of gut microbiota composition can exert positive effects on cognition. Various preclinical and observational studies have demonstrated that the gut dysbiosis is responsible for increased intestinal permeability, which correlates with both neuroinflammation and a decline in cognitive abilities. The administration of probiotics seems to represent a promising strategy to counteract gut dysbiosis and to maintain cognitive function. 


Winclove joins forces with the University of Reading on improving cognition

The University of Reading conducts many studies on improving cognition (mainly through food supplements) and therefore has great expertise in combining microbiology and cognition. In collaboration with Winclove Probiotics, investigators from the University of Reading have performed a three-year study on how probiotics can positively influence cognitive function and mood outcomes in humans. We are especially interested in what biological changes, such as in neurotransmitters or hormones, may underpin any observed effects. The results of this study will be presented at the MMM conference by Jessica Eastwood, a PhD student who performed this study under the supervision of principal investigators Dr. Daniel Lamport and Professor Claire Williams (Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences), and Dr Gemma Walton (Food and Nutritional Sciences). 

We spoke with Dr. Lamport about the prevention of cognitive decline, the role of the microbiota-gut-brain axis, and the potential benefits of probiotics.

Publications on cognition

Winclove has collaborated with the Radboud University on a study on the effect of our probiotics on cognition under stress and the link between the composition of the gut microbiome and cognitive performance. This study showed that the use of probiotics can have neurocognitive effects under challenging situations, buffering against the normal detrimental effects of stress on cognition. Furthermore the use of probiotics led to gut microbial alterations, which are related to this improved cognitive performance in acute stress circumstances. The results form this study were published in two publications (Papalini et al 2019 and Bloemendaal et al)

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