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Winclove Probiotics completely carbon neutral by 2030

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Sustainability in collaboration with Climate Neutral Group

Amsterdam, April 12th 2022 – Winclove Probiotics vigorously pursues sustainability measures to eliminate its CO2 emissions and to reduce climate change. For this, Winclove collaborates with Climate Neutral Group. The ambition of the Amsterdam family business to work completely CO2 neutral from 2030 fits in with its mission to become the best company for the world.

Collaboration with Climate Neutral Group

From 2030 onwards, Winclove Probiotics will leave no carbon footprints behind. This way, the company is making a significant contribution to the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement. In order to become completely CO2 neutral, Winclove has joined forces with Climate Neutral Group (CNG), which is also B Corp-certified. CNG is helping more than 3,000 organisations to reach ‘Net zero CO2‘ by 2050. CNG has now also mapped out Winclove Probiotics’ current exact CO2 emissions.

Manon Bezemer, Executive Management Assistant and B Keeper: “When our management expressed their wish to work carbon neutral by 2030, we had no idea of our emissions. Together with CNG, we looked into this for our entire business operations; a challenging, important job.” 

Focus on more sustainable transport, packaging, and energy

Back in 2020, Winclove started a partnership with the non-profit organisation Justdiggit to offset its own carbon emissions by regreening the Tanzanian landscape. In the initiatives coming from the new collaboration with CNG, the focus is mainly on CO2 reduction within the company itself. For example, the company has already switched to exclusively green electricity, packaging is being made more sustainable, staff are being encouraged to travel to work by public transport or on foot, and the company is investing in the most sustainable possible (new) premises with features such as solar panels.

Bas Ooteman and Jorie van Rooijen, Climate Neutral Group: “Winclove understands the importance of a good carbon footprint so they can work on an effective reduction strategy. In the process in which we have guided and advised Winclove, we were surprised by the high level of involvement of various departments. The employees actively contribute to the reduction strategy and think ‘outside-the-box’. This generates good ideas and stimulates innovation. They are driven to involve their customers and their suppliers, also in the supply chain of their products, in their climate policy, which accelerates the process.”

B Corp thinking and doing

At the end of 2020, Winclove Probiotics officially became a B Corp. B Corp organisations strive from their core for a healthy society, a healthy economy, and a healthy planet. The ambition to become the best company for the world is translated company-wide at Winclove into a multitude of working groups and initiatives in which colleagues make not only their own workplace more sustainable, but also the area of North Amsterdam as a whole.

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