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Winclove Probiotics is still a Great Place to Work!

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This is a nice place to work, say 98% of the Winclovers

For the third consecutive year, Winclove Probiotics has been declared a Great Place to Work (GPTW). “We’re of course extremely happy about this,” says Nicole Tollenaar, People & Purpose Director at Winclove Probiotics. “Especially because the certification is based on the Trust Index, the employee survey that measures the extent of the trust, pride, and pleasure in our company.”

On nearly all five themes (credibility, respect, integrity, pride, and camaraderie) Winclove scored not only higher than last year but also above the average benchmark, with 85% on the overall Trust Index. Just as in previous years, the results show that the employees feel strongly connected with each other and with the organization.

Other highlights from the survey:

At Winclove:

  • No fewer than 98% of the staff feel that management have faith in them and offer them the space to carry out their work;
  • 100% of the staff think that they are treated fairly, regardless of gender, religion, background, or sexual orientation.

“The engagement with the community and with area is of great importance to management, and this is projected onto the employees. The orientation on people is so genuine,” says a Winclove employee.

The survey also shows a number of points for Winclove to improve on. We are going to tackle these collectively, both in the Winclove teams/departments and, when the points apply to the whole company, through project teams.

Objective feedback
Winclove Probiotics gladly participates in Great Place to Work as it offers us an internationally recognized benchmark and methodology that gives us objective feedback on what we do well and what we can do better. The engagement and satisfaction of our entire staff have a vital place in our organizational strategy.

“At Winclove, the main thing is the people,” says Nicole. “Their welfare and enthusiasm are the basis of everything we do. The Trust Index is a fantastic methodology for helping us to continually become a ‘Greater Place to Work’. For the near future we’ve set ourselves the goal of becoming one of the ten Best Workplaces in the Netherlands. These results show that we’re on the right path, and that’s a really good thing. It’s important for everyone who works here, but also good to know for people looking for a good job.”

Read more here about Great Place to Work

I’m really very proud of how we work together every day to keep making this a Great Place to Work.”

Nicole Tollenaar
Nicole Tollenaar
Nicole Tollenaar
People & Purpose Director
Winclove Probiotics

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