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Winclove Probiotics earns B Corp Certification

Winclove Probiotics earns B Corp Certification

Winclove Probiotics was honored to receive the coveted B Corp Certification last November. Only companies that demonstrably and continuously strive for a healthy society, a healthy economy and a healthy planet qualify for this. B Lab awarded the certificate after the extensive B Impact Assessment (BIA). For the Amsterdam family company that develops probiotics formulations, the certification is a compliment on the dependability of their performance. Furthermore the certification marks the starting point in its mission to become the best company for the world.


B Corp process started in 2019

The company is tremendously proud to receive the certificate. A strenuous assessment involving many colleagues, an analysis by the Dutch B Lab team, the proof of among other things a sound production process, and multiple interviews all factored into the successful application. As early as October 2019 Winclove Probiotics began the B Corp process in order to see if B Corp certification was feasible. For this purpose the B Impact Assessment (BIA) was completed. With the answers to 278 questions, Winclove Probiotics’ impact on people, on the environment, and on society was measured.


‘Helping’ was already in Winclove Probiotics’ DNA

By nature Winclove Probiotics pursues a strong socially oriented policy aimed at helping people. Not only in making probiotic formulations, but also in behavior. Ensuring internal diversity, establishing social initiatives in North Amsterdam, investing in foreign projects where help is needed, and striving to minimize ecological footprint: To Winclove Probiotics these were already very important. All the B Corp ingredients already marked the company’s DNA.



B Corp Certification as starting point

Worldwide there are more than 3,600 B Corps, including nearly 100 in the Netherlands. Certified B Corp companies achieve more for the world as a group than alone. Under the credo ‘Using business as a force for good’, commercial forces are bundled in our ‘purpose economy’. For Winclove Probiotics the certification means recognition and a starting point. In the coming years the organization will boost its efforts for the environment and for society, thus earning even more B Corp points. With such action the company also hopes to inspire its business partners and associates.

Maarten Pekelharing, CEO of Winclove Probiotics: “B Corp calls us out to turn our good intentions into concrete actions. What really matters is behavior. I believe that companies must aspire to serve as an example in this and to motivate and inspire others.


About B Corp

An increasing number of commercial organizations are taking action on behalf of society and in protection of our planet. B Lab is the non-profit umbrella organization that grants such companies the B Corp Certification. ‘B Corp’ stands for Benefit Corporation. Only companies that demonstrably and continuously strive to improve the world at the societal level qualify for the special B Corp hallmark. A B Corp organization strives from its core for a healthy society, a healthy economy, and a healthy planet.

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