Winclove Probiotics is again a Great Place to Work!

My work has meaning: it’s not just a job, think 90.6% of the Winclove workforce.

Winclove Probiotics has for the second straight year been proclaimed a Great Place to Work (GPTW). “We are of course enormously proud of and happy about this,” says Margret Groenewegen, HR Director at Winclove Probiotics. “Especially because the certification is completely based on the Trust Index: the employee survey that investigates the extent of trust, pride and pleasure at our company.”

Ten percent improvement

On all five themes (credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie), Winclove scored an average of 10% higher than last year; with an overall Trust Index score of 83%. The results show that, even – or perhaps especially – in COVID-19 times, the employees feel strongly connected with each other and with the organization. A few other highlights from the Winclove survey:

  • 92.9% of the employees perceive that management has faith in them and offers them the space to perform their jobs;
  • 94.1% get a good feeling from the way our company contributes to society;
  • 100% think that their co-workers are treated fairly, regardless of sexual orientation and 98.8% think this regardless of gender.

Best company for the world

Winclove Probiotics will use the certification to, among other things, attract new talent. And GPTW will also further our efforts to become the best company for the world. Margret Groenewegen: “We achieve this, of course, only if we have happy and healthy people. That’s why it’s encouraging and stimulating to see that our staff truly perceive that Winclove continues to develop itself as an employer. Plus that our goal and our efforts to reach it are embraced and valued. With this recertification a lot of energy is generated again so that we can keep moving forward together.”

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