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Winclove invests in immunological expertise

Winclove invests in immunological expertise.

To ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of your probiotic products, Winclove Probiotics has recently made an important investment to expand our knowledge of immunological effectivity.

As it is our ambition to sell the best probiotic formulations for our business partners, we continuously invest in experienced scientists, research, and technologies. Since immunity as a mechanism of action plays a central role in almost all indication areas, Senior Scientist Immunology Wioleta Marut recently joined our Strain Development Team.

Finding the best strains for your products

Wioleta Marut is a biomedical scientist with more than ten years of experience in various therapeutic areas, including inflammatory and auto-immune diseases. With her wide experience in preclinical research, she will help us to evaluate the immunological effectivity of our current and future probiotic strains. By continuously updating and expanding our knowledge database, we are able to find the best strains for your evidence-based probiotic products.

Best company for the world

We strongly feel that our employees should share the fascination with the role of the microbiota in human health. In 2020 we were designated a Great Place to Work (GPTW), and this helps us to attract new talent and become the best company for the world.

The more we understand about the probiotic strains and their mechanism of action, the better able we are to translate these new scientific insights into indication-targeted, evidence-based formulations that benefit humans and improve their quality of life.

We interviewed Wioleta about the impact of her new job, her goals, and her passion. You can read it in the next News Update.

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