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Winclove initiates new study in children with autism

Winclove launches awaited study on children with autism

Following years of preparation, we’re happy to declare that we’re now set to launch our clinical study in children with Autism next month, May 2024. As previously announced in our Impact report 2022, this study will be conducted in collaboration with Professor Hania Szajewska from the University of Warsaw, Poland. With World Autism Month upon us, it’s a fitting time to share this exciting milestone.  

Winclove has identified a promising new combination of probiotic strains intended to positively influence the gut-brain axis in these children. After extensive in vitro research, we are ready to start investigating the potential of this new formulation in a clinical setting.  

The gut microbiota plays a crucial role

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological and developmental disorder that profoundly impacts how individuals interact, communicate, learn, and behave. There is mounting evidence indicating that the gut microbiome interacts bidirectionally with the brain via the ‘gut-brain axis’, affecting cognitive, emotional, and behavioural functions. Alterations in the gut bacteria composition can potentially cause the gut-brain axis to malfunction, leading to behavioural and gut problems linked to disorders like ASD. This means that microbiota-based treatments like probiotics could restore the disturbed balance.  

New premium probiotic formulation

The forthcoming study will concentrate on children aged seven to fifteen years diagnosed with ASD at the Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics. Its primary aim is to assess the benefits of a premium probiotic formulation designed specifically for individuals with ASD. After thorough evaluation, Winclove has found a hopeful new mix of probiotic strains that aims to have a positive impact on the gut-brain axis in these children. 

Improving quality of life

“We are excited to start this journey with Prof. Szajewska and the University of Warsaw, with whom we have previously collaborated successfully, ” states Maria Stolaki, Senior Clinical Research Expert at Winclove. “We expect to gain valuable insights into how our premium probiotics can improve the quality of life of children with ASD and their parents.” This initiative underscores Winclove’s commitment to advancing scientific research on probiotics and demonstrating superior clinical performance, distinctive to its targeted and tested formulation. 

Stay tuned for updates as we undertake this crucial initiative to create a meaningful difference in the lives of those impacted by autism. 

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