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Winclove collaborates on innovative research methodology

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Winclove Probiotics is the proud knowledge partner of an innovative project; the so-called INIMINI project. INIMINI represents an “immune- and microbiota-competent intestine-on-a-chip to study health promoting nutrition and drugs.” That is, we are working with various knowledge institutes, including Wageningen University & Research, technology suppliers, nutrition and pharmaceutical companies, on a revolutionary research method.

Advanced ‘gut-model’

It involves the development of chips containing human intestinal cells that can accurately mimic the functioning of the intestine. Using this state-of-the-art ‘model gut’, it is possible to accurately study interactions between nutrients or medications and the gut. The model is so lifelike that immune cells and the microbiota are integrated as well.

Alternative to animal testing

The gut-model offers unprecedented opportunities for the development of new nutrients and drugs. The aim is that this intestine, simulated in detail, makes it possible to predict the effect of nutrients and medications. In fact, it is a screening model, which contributes to making animal testing and costly human studies unnecessary in the future.

The INIMINI project is a public-private collaboration and funded by Health Holland, multiple companies and the Gastrointestinal Medicine Foundation (MLDS) is a sponsor. Winclove Probiotics is providing the probiotics and the data from clinical trials to validate the results.

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