Winclove celebrates First World Microbiome Day

To celebrate the first World Microbiome Day on the 27th of June, Winclove had a gut healthy lunch on the sunny roof terrace of our office in Amsterdam.

Word Microbiome Day is an initiative of APC Microbiome in Ireland. This public event took place on several places in the world with different events. In Killarney, Ireland, the event was linked to the 7th International Human Microbiome Consortium.

Public dialogue

World Microbiome Day aims to showcase the vibrant and diverse worlds of microbiomes, and to encourage public dialogue on their critical importance to human, animal and environmental health. The initiators hope it will become an annual event, and encourage microbiome researchers from around the world, working on different microbial worlds, to join them and spread the message of the importance of microbiomes.

Mind our Microbes

The theme of the inaugural day is “Mind our Microbes”. The event will encourage public dialogue about the importance of protecting our microbes and those in our environments to safeguard our health. Microbiome researchers will give short talks showcasing the vibrant research underway and interactive stands will host hands-on activities for families.

Winclove applauds this initiative, since we embrace the importance of the microbiome: a healthy microbiome is key to good overall health. And we believe that influencing the microbiome with probiotics can help improve quality of life.