Home News Successfully supporting 14 villages with regreening in Tanzania

Successfully supporting 14 villages with regreening in Tanzania

Winclove Probiotics successfully supporting 14 villages with regreening in Tanzania

In early 2020, Winclove Probiotics started working with the non-profit organization Justdiggit in Tanzania’s Dodoma region on reforestation, CO2 offset, and climate recovery. No fewer than 8 million mature trees or ‘living stumps’ were replanted as part of the Re-growing Trees project through the Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) method, known as ‘Kisiki Hai’ in Swahili. Our partnership with Justdiggit is one of the ways in which Winclove Probiotics is contributing to a healthy planet and working to minimize our ecological footprint.



With our support, Justdiggit has been able to maintain and increase the impact made in 14 Tanzanian villages. There, 58 ‘champion farmers’ are continuously spreading their expertise on reforestation and have enthusiastically activated a total of 7,290 local farmers. Besides these individual farmers, the ‘champions’ have trained and activated 114 other institutions, such as churches, mosques, schools and hospitals. Together, since June 2020, these farmers and institutions have regenerated over 276,000 trees on their land and conserved 320 million liters of water. By supporting the ‘Regreening Dodoma program’, Winclove Probiotics has proudly been able to offset much more CO2 emission than we were even aiming for at the project’s start.

Future steps

An estimated 1,036 hectares has been restored. Through the various benefits the reforestation provides, we positively impact not only the living conditions of over 11,400 people but also the climate for everyone. Firstly, bringing back so many trees will have a continuous cooling effect on their environment thanks to their shade and to the water transpiration from their leaves. Growing these trees removes carbon dioxide from the air, so the large-scale tree regeneration will mitigate climate change and cool the earth. Greater forestation also directly benefits farmers, for example through the sustainable harvest of wood from pruning. And finally, over the years as the trees continue to grow taller, the restoration area will significantly increase, and so too will its potential to retain rainwater.

The intervention phase of the reforestation project in Dodoma has now reached its goals. Therefore, we are currently considering new projects to support together with Justdiggit and to continue contributing to their meaningful work.

Read more about our collaboration with Justdiggit

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