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Together with Justdiggit we keep ‘regreening’ Tanzania

A female farmer in Tanzania regreens her land

Together with Justdiggit we have been regreening the landscape in Tanzania in recent years. Through two projects so far, more than 14 million trees have already been ‘brought back’. In this way we contribute something positive for our planet Earth and generations to follow.

The first project was ‘Re-grow trees’ in the Dodoma region, where using the method known as Kisiki Hai (‘living stump’ in Swahili) vegetation has been brought back. Existing, living tree stumps were pruned, protected, and nurtured back into full-sized trees. Since May 2022, right from the start of this project, we have also been involved in regreening the neighbouring Singida region. 

Project 2: bringing back trees in Singida

In the neighbouring region of Singida, 90% of the population depend on the land for their livelihood. However, it is becoming more difficult for the local ecosystem to maintain its biodiversity, fertile ground, and natural sources of water. Following the successful completion of ‘Re-grow trees’ in Dodoma, the aim is to work with Justdiggit and both local and special ‘Champion Farmers’ to bring back more than 8 million trees in Singida by 2026. 

Story of the farmers

Since we’ve been involved with the project in Singida right from the start, we’re getting to know the Champion Farmers and the local farmers in this region a bit better. Watch a short interview with Champion Farmer Japhary below. He talks about the challenges facing his farming business and how the ‘Re-grow trees’ project is helping him to maintain his small-scale agriculture, keep livestock, and realize his dreams.  

Contributing to climate recovery with Justdiggit

In 2020 we entered into a wonderful partnership with Justdiggit; a collaboration that is invaluable in realizing our dream of becoming the best company for the world.

I am super-proud to be collaborating with Justdiggit. On our way to a climate neutral business existence for Winclove, we work together to minimize our negative impact. Our communication is very good, and getting to see the videos from ‘our’ farmers helps our people at Winclove to connect with the project”

Manon Bezemer
Head of Purpose and Impact Management
Winclove Probiotics

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