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Sahar El Aidy receives Athena Award for outstanding researchers

Sahar El Aidy, a researcher that we at Winclove Probiotics work with, has received the NWO Athena Award. This prestigious award is for outstanding female researchers who are also excellent role models. Dr. El Aidy, an assistant professor at the University of Groningen, will receive EUR 50,000 to fund her research.1

Sahar El Aidy researches microbiomes, in particular the activity and role of gut metabolites in human mental and neurological function.1 Winclove Probiotics has been working with Dr. El Aidy over the past few years to identify the mechanisms at work in the gut-brain theme. Winclove Probiotics always strives to work together with inspiring and ambitious researchers.

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) promotes quality and innovation in science and is one of the most important science funding bodies in the Netherlands.2 It uses the Athena Award to place female role models working in scientific disciplines in the spotlight. Role models are important for female researchers at the start of their careers, because they demonstrate that women can pursue a successful career in science.3



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